Which one is good-firefox or google chrome?

Answer 1. Firefox is an old and stable browser while Chrome is relatively new and untested.2. Chrome is more space efficient compared to Firefox.3. Firefox consolidates all tabs into a single process whil... Read More »

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Is google chrome better than firefox, and why?

Not really... These days the selection of an explorer is mainly based on personal preference. Just look arround which seems to be the most comfortable to use

Is google chrome better then firefox?

Yeah i like chrome. However, nothing against firefox.

Google Chrome or Firefox?

i use bothchrome is fasterfirefox is also fast and has a lot of add-ons. foxtab is one of my favorites and is the main reason i kept firefox, but chrome is my default browser. firefox is also more... Read More »

What is better Google Chrome or Firefox.?

Firefox for its addons.Chrome for its speed, simplicity, and screen space.I use chrome for my small screen laptop but firefox on my desktop because I really need some of those addons. I think chrom... Read More »