Which one is bigger bytes or MB or KB?

Answer 1000 KB === 1 MBKB == Kilobyte (1000 bytes)- 1 thousand bytesMB == Megabyte (1000000 bytes) 1 million bytesGB == Gibabyte (1000000000 bytes) 1 billion bytesTB == Tetrabyte (1000 Gb)

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What is bytes mega bytes and giga bytes?

bytes, megabytes and Gigabytes are the units for measuring the amout of data on a computer. 1024 megabytes are a gigabyte

Which is bigger MB or KB?

Byte is 8 bits, 1 byte is one standard character (Unicode character might take 2 bytes).1024 Byte is 1 KB1024 KB is 1 MB1024 MB is 1 GB.The reason for 1024, not 1000 like most measure unit is becau... Read More »

Which is bigger: MP3 or WMA?

Both MP3s and WMAs can vary in size and quality, depending on how they are encoded. There is little to no actual noticeable difference between the size of an MP3 and a WMA file encoded at the same ... Read More »

Which is bigger, kb or mb?