Which one is better you phone4 or htc desire HD?

Answer HTC desire HD,because it has a giant screen, it has a better camera, it has most of the same apps as the iphone just for free, it has some really cool features such as widgets, etc. i have an htc a... Read More »

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HTC desire vs htc hd2 which one is better?

Which is better a HTC wildfire or a HTC desire?

The HTC desire is better because it has more features. But if you're on a budget then the HTC Wildfire is good.

Which phone is better HTC desire HD or iPhone 4?

For me HTC but There are some good stuff HTC doesn't have but I phone has but there is also good stuff that I phone doesn't have but HTC has . SO its kind of a equal Phone but both are awesome.!!!

Which is better HTC desire HD or Samsung I9000 galaxy S?

It kind of depends because the desire is an amazing phone but on the other they say that the galaxy S is the best at browsing and it also looks great it is a chice for u but seiously i would go wit... Read More »