Which one is better: Intel or AMD?

Answer On One Hand: AMD ProcessorsAlthough AMD makes some CPUs that perform very well, their high-end units aren't at the top of the performance charts. AMD processors, however, are often less expensive. ... Read More »

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AMD VS Intel...which is better?

It depends upon the price range you're looking at.AMD's processors offer more bang/buck from the low-end to midrange. That's to say if you have a specific amount of money you can spend on a CPU ... Read More »

Which is better AMD or INTEL?

AMD is better because the amd processor can proses 2 or more instructions for second and intel just 1 .the speed of a computer is not the speed of the processor, the real speed is how many intructi... Read More »

Laptop CPU, AMD vs INTEL which 1 is better?

Well if you want expensive, intel beats them in CPU, they dont make GPU and if you were going to buy under 300 or so AMD wins in CPU.

Which processor is better AMD or Intel?

Performance:Like many others I was caught up in the hype surrounding the "Thoroughbred" 0.13 micron AthlonXP based processor. I honestly thought it would bring AMD back into the spotlight and allow... Read More »