Which one is better, IE or Firefox?

Answer Both are good , it depends what you like and get used to it. IE 7 is better , I like it.

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Which browser is better ie or firefox.?

Firefox is better for me while it is faster and simple than MS IE.In addition, there are a lot of plugins for Firefox, that doing my life easier.As for IE - most people use it just because it is st... Read More »

Which one is better Firefox 2.0 or Internet Explorer 7?

There's quite a few differences, and which is better is a matter of opinion. If I told you one or the other is better, it would be a lie considering what is better to me may not be better to you.Ho... Read More »

Internet ­explorer and firefox ­­­­­­­­­­­which one better?

FirefoxIncreased customization- Many addons available- You can customize everything about FirefoxLess susceptibility to viruses, spyware and adwareInternet explorer is slower.Opera is good too but ... Read More »

Which Internet Browser is better and secure Firefox or IE7?

IE7 has a much better Phishing protection, is easier to use, and has better features.