Which one is better 3D TV with shutter glasses or cinema 3d glasses?

Answer As with all televisions, the "best" is a matter of opinion. Before buying a 3D television, audition as many models as you can. Make sure the glasses are comfortable and make sure the image is clear... Read More »

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Can i use 3D glasses made for cinema with Samsung 3D LED TV which I'm planning to buy?

IF you want to use the 3D glasses that are used at movie theaters on a 3D HD TV. I think they work with LG 3D HD TVs. I'm NOT sure but from what I hear the kind that LG uses don't cost as much as... Read More »

Do I look better with glasses or without glasses (pics)?

How many pairs of 3d glasses are supplied with lg cinema 3d TVs?

If it's LM series, it comes with 6 pairs, others come with 4 pairs. In Bestbuy, if you buy LG cinema 3D TV, they will give you another family pack 3D glasses for free. So in total, it could be 12 t... Read More »

Can coloumn interlaced 3D be viewed in PC with the glasses given in cinema halls?

If you want to use the same polarised 'sunglasses' style 3D glasses you wear at the IMAX cinema, then no, you will need a compatible monitor first.If you want to use 3D anaglyph, which splits the r... Read More »