Which one is better 3D TV with shutter glasses or cinema 3d glasses?

Answer As with all televisions, the "best" is a matter of opinion. Before buying a 3D television, audition as many models as you can. Make sure the glasses are comfortable and make sure the image is clear... Read More »

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How much are LG Cinema 3D TV glasses?

LG Cinema 3D glasses are really cheap. You can get them for $5-$10 and you can even take one from the movie theater and use at home with LG Cinema 3D.

Anaglyph Vs. Shutter Glasses?

3D films were extremely popular several years ago, and there was a resurgence in this popularity around 2009. These films required a special kind of glasses to view the images in 3D, or even at all... Read More »

Are the 3D glasses for LG cinema 3D TV expensive like others. How much are they?

LG glasses are passive polarizing glasses so they should be very cheap. Active glasses, as used by most other manufacturers are somewhat more expensive but prices for active glasses are falling rap... Read More »

Can I use 3D glasses from theaters for my LG Cinema 3D?

Yes, they work nicely. But LG Cinema 3D already gives you four pairs for each set, right? The LG Cinema 3D TV glasses cost less than twenty bucks, so I think the price is quite affordable.