Which one is better 2x512 or a 1GB RAM card?

Answer To the above poster, 1gb actually is 1024mb so that's even.As far as the past tests have gone, usually 512mb sticks have better timings (which is different than speed) than a 1GB stick. And if your... Read More »

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Which GFX card is better?

the gtx 560/560 ti560 ti vs 7770…560 vs 7770…

Which video card is better?

Please compare them here:…

Which is the better video card?

i assume gigabyte would be better since it is factory overclocked already...

Which is better card type for me?

what is your maximum budget?your resolution is not very demanding so at minimum I recommend Sapphire Radeon HD 6670 1 GB GDDR5 for can handle those games fine on medium settings.if you c... Read More »