Which one htc desire z or htc evo shift?

Answer It's the arrow key under the backspace arrow on the keyboard.

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HTC desire vs htc hd2 which one is better?

Which is bigger HTC wildfire S or HTC desire S?

Desire S- 3.7inch screen Wildfire S- 3.5inch screenSo, yes. The HTC desire S is slightly bigger.

Which is better a HTC wildfire or a HTC desire?

The HTC desire is better because it has more features. But if you're on a budget then the HTC Wildfire is good.

Which one is better you phone4 or htc desire HD?

HTC desire HD,because it has a giant screen, it has a better camera, it has most of the same apps as the iphone just for free, it has some really cool features such as widgets, etc. i have an htc a... Read More »