Which one has more space for a digital camera 512GB or 512MB?

Answer If I rember right it takes 2 512 MB to equal one Gig so 512 Giga bytes(GB) is a Lot biger.

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Which is more important when buying a digital camera The # of megapixels or the zoom ?

To start with, there are two kinds of zoom. Optical zoom, which uses a standard lens to zoom in on the object, and digital zoom, which is just blowing up a section of the original image to "zoom" o... Read More »

In digital camera which sensor uses more advanced technolgy, ccd or cmos?

Both have their strengths and limitations.CMOS sensors are less expensive to build, but have most of their circuitry on-board, so the sensors are camera specific.CCD sensors are more generic in th... Read More »

How many digital photos on a 5MP camera will fit onto a 512MB card?

Answer That answer is going to depend on the picture quality or compression you select. I suggest searching online for manufacturer's specs on the camera in question. The manufacturer will often... Read More »

Which brand of digital camera is more superior - Nikon or Cannon Price not an issue.?

I am a Nikon and Canon user.They are both good camera manufacturers, with mostly good cameras and glass, and they both have a few less than great models,In digital SLR, Canon has a slight edge on n... Read More »