Which one has a stronger bond: hydrogen or nitrogen?

Answer Speaking in terms of homonuclear diatomic bonds, two nitrogen atoms form a much stronger bond than two atoms of hydrogen. In fact, dinitrogen (a two-atom nitrogen bond) is the strongest of all the ... Read More »

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Is 5% hydrogen in 95% nitrogen a flammable gas?

The flammability of dilute gases is described by their lower flammable limit (LFL), which represents the minimum composition of a gas, expressed as percent by volume, that will support combustion i... Read More »

How much hydrogen& nitrogen are in the atmosphere?

The Earth’s atmosphere contains 78.08 percent nitrogen and 0.00005 percent hydrogen. Nitrogen is the largest component of dry air, and oxygen is the second-largest at 20.95 percent. Air also cont... Read More »

Is C3H7OH a hydrogen bond?

Hydrogen bonding occurs between C3H7OH molecules. For hydrogen bonding to occur, the molecules in question must exhibit particular structural traits; specifically, they must contain a hydrogen atom... Read More »

Who discovered the hydrogen bond?

T.S. Moore and T.F. Winmill were the first scientists to allude to the concept of hydrogen bonding, which asserts that under certain circumstances strong forces attract hydrogen to two atoms rather... Read More »