Which one has a stronger bond: hydrogen or nitrogen?

Answer Speaking in terms of homonuclear diatomic bonds, two nitrogen atoms form a much stronger bond than two atoms of hydrogen. In fact, dinitrogen (a two-atom nitrogen bond) is the strongest of all the ... Read More »

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Is 5% hydrogen in 95% nitrogen a flammable gas?

The flammability of dilute gases is described by their lower flammable limit (LFL), which represents the minimum composition of a gas, expressed as percent by volume, that will support combustion i... Read More »

How much hydrogen& nitrogen are in the atmosphere?

The Earth’s atmosphere contains 78.08 percent nitrogen and 0.00005 percent hydrogen. Nitrogen is the largest component of dry air, and oxygen is the second-largest at 20.95 percent. Air also cont... Read More »

If I mixed bran flakes with putty, would that make a stronger bond?

Is C3H7OH a hydrogen bond?

Hydrogen bonding occurs between C3H7OH molecules. For hydrogen bonding to occur, the molecules in question must exhibit particular structural traits; specifically, they must contain a hydrogen atom... Read More »