How old are you when your penis gets bigger?

Answer well babyacne is that serve but still acne anyway all you have to do is wash the pillow case 5 times a day ,then when to fell your head greasy or oily wash the face offthen use acne treatment twice... Read More »

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Facts About a Millipede?

The name millipede translates into "thousand legs" and while it may look like this multilegged arthropod has that many tiny limbs, the actual truth is that they tend to max out around the 750 leg m... Read More »

Which is bigger MB or KB?

Byte is 8 bits, 1 byte is one standard character (Unicode character might take 2 bytes).1024 Byte is 1 KB1024 KB is 1 MB1024 MB is 1 GB.The reason for 1024, not 1000 like most measure unit is becau... Read More »

Which is bigger MB, KB or GB?

In size order -smaller to larger... KB, MB, GB

Which is bigger, 256 MB or 2GB?

Lol. GB = Gigabytes, MB = Megabytes. 1000 MB = 1 GB. But to anwer your question, 2 GB is bigger than 256 MB. Good Luck :)