Which one do you think gives better head...?

Answer Guinness obviously because its Irish.

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Which monitor gives better resolution LED or LCD?

LED is more modern and gives you better results..

Which 3D TV gives better image quality -- LG or Samsung?

This is an argument that continues to battle on and on. Basically, Samsung is active shutter technology and each eye receives a 1080p image at a time. Meanwhile, LG developed a passive technology 3... Read More »

Which gives better wide viewing angle for 3D Samsung or LG?

Both have viewing angle limitations. Both are working hard to overcome those limitations. Spend some time in the store to see for yourself which one is curently the best viewing angle. More importa... Read More »

Which do u think is better tasting pepsi or coca-cola and why do u think that?

Coke. Pepsi always tastes as if it's flat compared to coke...even when it isn't flat. Pepsi also just doens't seem to have as much flavor as Coke.If I can't get a coke, I'll choose a Dr. Pepper. Pe... Read More »