Which of these setups is faster?

Answer 2 x 2GB modules. 3 reasons:1.) When dealing with DDR2, it is cheaper in most cases to get 2 x 2GB than 1 x 4GB or 4 x 1GB. 2.) You will see better performance using two modules than you will with ... Read More »

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The Best Ranging Setups?

Ranging, or archery, is one type of combat skill in the game "Runescape." Rangers can wear numerous different pieces of armor and use different weapon types, including longbows, shortbows, javelins... Read More »

How to Make Aquarium Setups Stand Out?

A simple tank setupHave you ever wondered how to make a great looking, functional aquarium that really pops? Fish tanks are living art and can bring a beautiful focal point to any room. With a litt... Read More »

The Types of Internet Network Setups?

Having access to an Internet network is vital in today's fast-paced society for accomplishing on-the-go tasks such as scheduling last-minute business meetings and communicating during emergencies. ... Read More »

Is the Sennheiser e609s a good mic for acoustic and electric guitar and bass setups?

The e609 is a good mic for electric guitar amps and toms. Not so much for bass or acoustic guitar (at least, not alone). It's a little midrange heavy, and really wouldn't work on acoustic. The l... Read More »