Which of these methods would be best...?

Answer Im a Makeup Artist , & I say Nude Lip Liner because the foundation thing may make you lips look dark & maybe even ashy because of the purpose. Using the lip liner can make your lips look naturally ... Read More »

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Which of these would go best in chili?

Pinto Beans, taste great, however, watch out for Hiroshima Fart Bombs later.

Which of these monitors would be best for gaming ?

Alienware product always made for gaming its best known. i would go with alienware buddy

Which of these boots would be best for my bf-advice needed?

I would have to say choice number one. They look stylish but not uncomfortable and also practical. Good Luck!!

Which STD would these symptoms best match up with?

Maybe its not an STD could be a yeast infection cause it sounds just like it or maybe it can be chlamydia , But i think whatever you have can be cured