Which of these is better?

Answer Use metal (regular) - plastic is wasted and creates environmental problems. Real silver can be used for hundreds of years, and also has anti-bacterial properties

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Which GPU is better out of these two?

The GTX 480 is the faster card out of the two, I would be looking at either the eVGA or an MSI GTX 570 for the superior cooler.…

Which of these TVs is better?

SONY KDL32V4000 definately because i bought a samsung tv just like the LE32A457C and it broke 2 weeks later (the screen just burnt out) and i bought a sony and it is brilliant...i had it for a year... Read More »

Which of these tvs would be better to buy?

Check the review more at…

Which of these two laptops are better?

Definitely Laptop 2, Some games require more ram. Also Intel i5 Dual core perform better than Intel q9000 quad core.