Which of these groups are likely to do better?

Answer You'd never be able to scientifically compare the two because they are non-equivalent groups...And it makes no sense that a society with medicines wouldn't have sanitation - public sanitation is co... Read More »

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How do i randomize a list in excel into 7 different groups, equally distributed example- 18 in 7 groups?

Your initial question and description says 18 individuals within 7 groups, and to be randomly grouped.But you additional details says 18 groups, and no longer requiring that it be randomly grouped.... Read More »

Pressure Groups Affecting Social or Ethical Groups?

A pressure group is an organized movement to promote a specific cause. Pressure groups are very controversial because they seem to work against democratic norms. Their pressure comes in the form of... Read More »

How to See All 26 Groups in "Doodle God"?

"Doodle God" is a downloadable game from JoyBits where players create the universe by matching up elements to make new ones. For example, mixing "Earth" with "Fire" creates "Lava." It is the player... Read More »

What Are Focus Groups Used For?

Focus groups collect information about specific questions that are designed to gain insight into a particular area of a business or organization. It is a way to identify concerns and what is needed... Read More »