Which of these graphics cards is the best?

Answer That greatly depends on what you're playing. Some games run better with ATI, others nVidia. You can get a reference from performance at this website:…The... Read More »

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Which one of these graphics cards?

The GeForce GT 430 is the best of those three. Note- if you're buying a GT 430, make sure it's a 128-bit model, not the slower 64-bit model! But even the 64-bit version beats the other two cards.... Read More »

Which of these graphics cards is better?…

I am not sure which of these graphics cards are better?

They are pretty close... it really depends upon the specific game titles you're playing. Here's the composite performance- click on the drop-down box to see results in various games like Crysis 2,... Read More »

Which of this graphics cards is the best?

1:GTX 6702:79503:GTX 5804:58705:69706:480 Hope it helped!!