Which of theese is the best soda's drink and why?

Answer 2 pepsi wild cherry is the best when dining out

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On average how many sodas do you drink in a day?

Is it better to drink two beers or two sodas?

Soda has more sugar and more calories. Nutritionally, beer is better for you. Your best bet is water. Juice, vitimin water, and milk are good options, too. If you drink tap water you'll definitely ... Read More »

Why do they call mixing sodas "suicide drink"?

Because it usually tastes awful, sort of like killing yourself slowly LOL

If you drink one ore two sodas a day will you develop kidney stones or/and diabetes?

Water, as a rule, IS better than soda. The calories in a Mountain Dew have no nutritional value.Having said that, I love soda as well. 1-2 regular sodas doesn't cause stones OR diabetes. I've got b... Read More »