Which of the two processors is better,more powerful,more capableread description?

Answer Grab the E2180.Runs cooler,nad faster than the pentium D,despite the frequency handicap.Plus you can overclock it alot.

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Mobile Processors Vs. Desktop Processors?

Mobile and desktop CPUs both serve the same essential purpose. They are the brain of a computer--sometimes a desktop PC, a laptop computer or a handheld device.

What are big processors used for?

Professional rendering/design software on workstations, professional HD video editing rigs, running really CPU-intensive scientific software for engineering/CAD or other research.For gaming the Ext... Read More »

Are p4 processors 64 bit?

Intel introduced the Pentium 4 (P4) 64-bit processor in 2005. Intel's P4 processor also comes in a 32-bit version. Intel used the number "6" on its 64-bit processors like 630, 640 and 670 to differ... Read More »

What Are Socket Processors?

A microprocessor or central processing unit (CPU) is the primary hardware component in a computer. It is the "brain," the component that initiates and executes functions and instructions. The prima... Read More »