Which of the senses is developed first?

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How to Keep Within Your Senses?

Ever been out of your senses? Not by being drunk but just...out of them, like acting crazy or trying to stop yourself from doing bad things? Here is how to keep yourself within your limits.

Are there 7 senses?

Aristotle defined the traditional five senses of sight, smell, hearing, touch and taste. Additional senses have been proposed based on differing definitions of a sense. Some investigators add a sen... Read More »

Pre-K Activities on the Five Senses?

Activities on the five senses for kindergarten children help them to isolate and identify each of the senses. Emphasize what each sense is used for and how it helps them to learn about their enviro... Read More »

Art Projects for the 5 Senses?

Art serves as an ideal teaching tool for examining different subjects, because it immerses people in hands-on investigations, allowing them to understand the world around them. Sensory-based art ac... Read More »