Which of the possessions or protectorates is closest to the US?

Answer cuba

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If a roofing company hired by the owner provides shoddy work and the ceiling collapses on your possessions who is responsible for the damages to the possessions?

AnswerThe roofer and ultimately the liability insurance co of the roofer. AnswerThe roofer will likely be held responsible in the end but the tenant has no relationship to the roofer. The tenant h... Read More »

How to Pack Your Possessions When Moving?

Even if you can't wait to live in your new house, curb your enthusiasm and resist the urge to cram all your possessions any which way into boxes.

Can I Keep Some of My Personal Possessions After Bankruptcy?

Many debtors are afraid of filing for bankruptcy because they think they will lose everything they own in the process. While it is true that the court might sell some of your assets in a Chapter 7 ... Read More »

How to Free Your Time by Reducing Your Possessions?

Do we ever have enough time? We spend it, use it, yet wish we had even more of it. Many of us do not realize just how time-sapping purchasing and maintaining possessions becomes. It is a gradual pr... Read More »