Which of the following items do you think are handy?

Answer I would go with the following in this order;1.Swiss army knife,2.Remote car starter,3.egg slicer.

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Is it good to be a left handy or a right handy?

when i meet a lefty i think "OMG! you're left handed?" so i think it's pretty kool cause you're not like the majority. so yeah in a way i think it's kinda of unique. i don't know the percentage, bu... Read More »

Can an HOA president file a lien against your condo for items he forced you to replace and the new items are against the bylaws and defective?

Your question contains data/ allegations that require evidence. Your first task is to document how the by-laws are being violated, and your second task is to document the defective nature of the 'n... Read More »

What happens if insurance replaces stolen items then the police recover and return the stolen items to you?

AnswerI recommend you contact your insurance company, and inform them of the recovered goods

I want to buy handy cam ... help?

"handycam" is Sony's generic name for all their consumer camcorders.According to the Sony US site, the low end is the $200 (10790 rupees) HDR-CX220.…And th... Read More »