Which of the ~150 "Do vegetarians eat animal crackers" questions was best!?

Answer I just keep waiting for the fish eating vegetarian with the vegan lifestyle to start claiming to be the official animal cracker counter (been stealing answers from others so why not?)I only eat gin... Read More »

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Can vegetarians eat animal crackers!!?

Vegetarians and vegans: do you eat animal crackers?

I don't think I've ever eaten an animal cracker, not while I've been a vegan, nor as a vegetarian before that, nor when I was a non-vegetarian. Perhaps they're just not as common in Australia as th... Read More »

Saltine Crackers Ritz Crackers Or Animal Crackers Which from this list do you like better?

How many different animal shapes are in the animal crackers cookie zoo?

Stauffer's, the originator of Animal Crackers, puts 13 different animal shapes in every 16-oz. bag of Animal Crackers. The company has been producing Animal Crackers since 1871, with its original b... Read More »