Which of ankle, toe or arm is above the waist?

Answer Arm? But it might be ankle. Or toe. I'm pretty confident it's arm though. Then again, if you're stretching, your ankle and toe could be above your waist. So maybe it's ankle and toe? And only half ... Read More »

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How do people who are amputated from above the waist use the bathroom?

There is a very radical procedure called a hemicorporectomy in which amputation occurs above the hips. Generally, as much of the digestive tract as possible is retained, but usually the external g... Read More »

Which ankle should a married woman wear an ankle bracelet on?

In some areas, wearing an anklet on the left ankle means you're single, while wearing an anklet on the right ankle means you're married or otherwise taken. However, this varies according to culture... Read More »

What Are the Benefits of Above the Ankle Safety Boots?

Physical hazards requiring protective footwear are involved in many workplaces as well as in some leisure time activities, such as riding horses or motorcycles. Many kinds of safety boots exist to ... Read More »

Can anyone name me this tendon above my outer ankle bone?

theres a muscle not a tendon just above the knobbly bone on the outer ankle, if its more toward the front of the ankle, there is a horizontal tendon there, think its called retinaculum. you should ... Read More »