Which of 3 cards for Bf3?

Answer Obviously get the Nvidia GTX 560ti for its robust drivers with fewer bugs,better compatibility with games(PhysX) and better power management.Also two GTX 560ti's in SLI will give you better perform... Read More »

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There are so many small-name brands of video cards; which brands make good cards and which should be avoided?

There are plenty of good brands and plenty of bad brands. For Nvidia cards good brands include but are not limited to:BFG Tech, eVGA, Leadtek, Gigabyte, MSI, XFXI don't have as much experience with... Read More »

Which one of these graphics cards?

The GeForce GT 430 is the best of those three. Note- if you're buying a GT 430, make sure it's a 128-bit model, not the slower 64-bit model! But even the 64-bit version beats the other two cards.... Read More »

Which graphic cards can run on my motherboard?

Which Magellan uses SD cards?

The Magellan Road Mate 1400 and Road Mate 360 North America both use SD memory cards. Magellan offers an array of GPS technologies that utilize the memory capabilities of SD cards.References:Magell... Read More »