Which nutrient is fixed in plant roots?

Answer Nitrogen is the nutrient that may be fixed in plant roots. What happens is the presence, but unavailability, of nitrogen in the environment. In the case of the ground below surface level, nitrogen ... Read More »

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Vegetable Plant Nutrient Deficiency Identification?

Identification of nutrient deficiencies in vegetable plants can be a bit challenging. The symptoms of a deficiency in one nutrient can mimic the symptoms of deficiency in other nutrients. In some c... Read More »

Which precautions can gardeners take so that chemical fertilizers stimulate plant growth at concentrations that are not so high as to damage roots?

That the product is used on the particular plant that it's intended for and that the product is applied completely in accordance with the product's instructions are the precautions that gardeners c... Read More »

Which nutrient produces collagen?

Vitamin C is an essential immune system nutrient, which helps prevents various illnesses. It serves a primary role in the production and metabolism of collagen. Since the body does not produce Vita... Read More »

Which method of cooking vegetables reduces nutrient content the most?

Frying actualy leaves more in but it adds fat. Boiling is the worst because all the nutrients are released into the water. Raw is best.