Which multivitamin is good?

Answer On One Hand: Best for rates GNC's Mega Men Multivitamin best for males. The pills contain vitamin A and D, folic acid and calcium. They also contain more than the necessary da... Read More »

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Looking for a multivitamin that is actually good?

You are correct about synthetic isolate vitamins, and that toxicity can be reached with certain isolates. Your are also correct about Vitamins A and B12 in the forms you cite. Most people do not ... Read More »

I'm taking an iron supplement which has 27 mg and a multivitamin which has 18 mg of iron?

Iron is not something you want to take too much of, because it's more difficult than other stuff to excrete from the body. I would stop taking the supplements, you don't need them. If you are lacki... Read More »

FDA & NDA Multivitamin Requirements?

Multivitamins contain both vitamins and minerals with a classification as a dietary supplement; because of this classification, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, known as the FDA, does not req... Read More »

How to Detox With a Multivitamin?

According to, an online drugstore, the body is exposed to foreign chemicals every day. Fish is laced with mercury, red meat often contains antibiotics and hormones, the air is pollut... Read More »