Which movie made the most money in the world?

Answer As of 2010, the movie "Avatar" (2009) moved into first place as the movie that has made the most money in the history of the medium. According to the Internet Movie Database, the worldwide box off... Read More »

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Which Disney movie made the least money?

In 2002 Disney poured $140 million dollars into "Treasure Planet," a PG-rated sci-fi movie and also a hand-drawn animated film. It is the lowest grossing in the studio's history, with only $38 mill... Read More »

How much money has the movie tinker bell made?

Is there any truth to the story of movie Slum Dog Millionaire of course the slums really do exist but was there ever a boy from the slums who made money on a game show?

What made the big bang that made the world?

i really have no idea guessing 2 meteors collided to make earth but how am i to say that is Right