Which month is historically slowest for retail?

Answer Usually, April, May, June are the slowest months ANSWER January is one of the hardest times in retail due to low promotion rates and high amounts of returns May, actually is pretty great due to mo... Read More »

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If I buy an iPhone 3GS without a tarif for example paying 40 bucks every month and pay the retail price about 1000 bucks will I be able to surf for free?

Because (if you haven't heard) "There's an app for that too!" Handsome shape design, superb technology, operation smoothly, top hardware configuration and rich application.

If girl had unprotected sex from the 12th up to 19th of the month and period normally comes on 29th of the month then she could get pregnant on that month?

Which planet has the slowest orbit?

The farther from the sun, the slower a planet orbits. Neptune, the farthest planet from the sun, takes 165 Earth years to revolve around the sun. Mercury, the closest planet, takes only 88 Earth da... Read More »

What is the slowest marine fish?

The seahorse is the slowest of all marine fish. It only goes 0.01 miles per hour. The seahorse is a vertebrate fish, and there are about 35 different species of them.References:GK Pet: Fun Animal F... Read More »