Which monitor seems better (Same price)?

Answer The screens seem basically the same, their stats are almost identical, and except for the HD part it kinda leaves it up to personal preference, i would advise finding out if your pc needs a HD-MI c... Read More »

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Which is the best monitor LG or Viewsonic What is the price of 19" LCD monitor in hyderabad?

u can try compare india for the prices.It will give u 95% correct market price. There can only be a diff by few 100 rs.U have to see the MRP not the compareindia price. Read More »

Which is best 19 inch TFT monitor for computer and yes please tell me price of the same?

I have owned and used computers for some time and let a coworker convinced me into spending $$ buying some great IT products for my home that we used in our office like HP laserjet printers and bac... Read More »

What will be the price of old 15" color monitor its urgent?

If you need it asap and dont want to spend alot, try craigslist and see if you can find a used one for sale or ebay also - good luck!

Does this monitor sound decent What would be a reasonable price for it?

There is nothing particulaly great out those specs. In fact, the brightness seems a little low. Maybe $125-$150 brand new? You are basically paying for the size on this one, not the quality.