Which model of a gateway computer is a photo desktop?

Answer Every Gateway desktop computer model that has integrated graphics (or a graphics card), and a monitor is classified as a photo desktop. The most popular Gateway desktop computer models that are pho... Read More »

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How much power is used with a Gateway desktop computer?

Gateway desktop computers use 80 watts of power. LCD monitors use 25 watts of power. Check the voltage switch on the back of your computer to ensure it is correct. In the U.S., the switch should b... Read More »

Specifications for Gateway 300S Desktop Computer?

The Gateway 300S was a desktop PC that Gateway Inc. released in 2003, when it was an independent, standalone company. The 300S was designed and marketed as a budget computer for everyday users.

How do I Find the Specs on My Computer Gateway Model No. 0029512048?

The most comprehensive list of your Gateway computer's technical specifications is found within the native Windows "System Information" utility. This utility will tell you everything you need to kn... Read More »

Why is my computer screen stating "no signal" I have a Gateway GT4010 media center desktop.?

Your monitor cable could just be loose. Check both ends of the cable and make sure it didn't get pulled loose. Check where it plugs into the monitor and also where it plugs into the videocard.If ... Read More »