Which model is this keyboard ?

Answer Look on the underside of the keyboard, there should be a little silver like plaque that has the make, model and serial number of the device.

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Who invented the QWERTY keyboard and when was the first model built?

Christopher Sholes built the first QWERTY keyboard, the configuration of keys used on computers. Sholes introduced the keyboard on a typewriter he made in 1868. He was born on February 14, 1819, in... Read More »

Can i use a dell keyboard model sk-8135 with windows 7?

Yes. Windows will work with any standard USB keyboard (the Dell model you mentioned included).

If I push this "pause/break" button on my keyboard, will my keyboard become dormant ?

Nope.When your computer is booting up during POST if you push the button it will basically pause the system.

Does a gaming keyboard have faster response times than a regular keyboard?

Response speed is not one of the benefits offered by a gaming keyboard. Easy-to-manage macros, ergonomic design for commonly used keys and LCD readouts of important game data are the typical benefi... Read More »