Which mode must be used for a 10gb hard drive?

Answer Logical Block Addressing (LBA) must be used for a 10GB hard drive. Due to the physical constraints, any hard drive exceeding 8.4 GB in capacity must access data using LBA rather than the traditiona... Read More »

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I have only 10gb of memory left on my hard drive...what should i remove to free it up more?

figure out what you don't need then delete it. If your computer has a trojan in it, which could be very likely, it could be copying files and reproducing. Scan your computer if you don't know how... Read More »

How does block mode give faster access to a hard drive&how can it be disabled?

Block mode is a method of managing transfers from your hard drive more efficiently. Although it was a great help with MS-DOS and Windows 95 and 98, it is unnecessary on computers running more rece... Read More »

What is a hard drive used for?

A computer's hard drive is used for the storage of data. It is home to the hard disk, the physical location of all of your computer's data. The typical hard drive, as of 2010, can hold over 100 GB ... Read More »

Can't copy 4GB file to a flash drive with 10GB free space?

You are seeing the limitation on file size that exists in the FAT file system. Once you format it in NTFS it should work.