Which medical syndrome involves age spots on the torso?

Answer The most common cause of age spots, also known as liver spots, on the torso as well as the arms, neck, and face, is overexposure to the sun. These light- to dark-brown flat spots can increase in si... Read More »

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I found strange small red spots on my torso, all the areas hidden by a tee-shirt.?

if its specifically confined to areas ur tshirt covers, it may be ur tshirt; the fabric or even the laundry detergent used to wash it.If not, eliminate one of ur listed things for two weeks at a ti... Read More »

Which tv episode involves a women who has been kidnapped with her foot broken involving shoelaces?

the actress who plays ZOEY Kruger on Dexter is Christina Cox because i am addicted to Dexter and know everything!! :)

Which of the following presidential roles involves determining foreign policy chief citizenchief diplomatchief executivechief legislator?

The United States and Iran had a very antagonistic relationship in 1980, and therefore the United States want to inflict a serious blow to Iran. Therefore the American leadership helped Saddam Huss... Read More »

How to Study the Medical Condition of Nephrotic Syndrome?

This article gives an overview on how to study the kidney condition known as nephrotic syndrome.