Which material puts out a fire faster?

Answer On One Hand: Whatever's in Your Fire ExtinguisherAccording to Fireplaces and Wood Stoves, the fastest way to put out any fire is with a fire extinguisher. The material in an extinguisher can vary, ... Read More »

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What material is the most fire safe?

No material is completely resistant to fire; however, stone is considered the most fire safe. Nevertheless, with a high enough temperature, fire can weaken and decompose stone, depending on the sto... Read More »

What material is fire retardant fabric made of?

Many fabrics can be called "fire retardant," and are specially made with fire hazard prevention in mind. With many of these, the fabrics' names indicate their fire retardant status, like fire retar... Read More »

Could you be pregnant if your boyfriend puts his sperm on his finger then puts inside of you?

Yes, you could get pregnantYou can also become infected with a sexually transmitted disease this way. If your boyfriend has so little consideration for you as to take such risks like this (the poss... Read More »

What is the material of a Fire crucible used in high temperature ovens?