Which makeup foundation lasts longest?

Answer On One Hand: Cream Foundation Lasts LongestWomen apply makeup foundation as the base for other makeup items, such as blush, concealer, eye shadow and so on. According to, th... Read More »

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Which foundation gives the best coverage and lasts longest?

i love estee lauder double wear, and if you find that one 2 heavy theres now double wear light. it does last most of the day. good luck

Foundation that lasts all day (liquid)?

look online to see some interesting liquid foundations :)

Which type of gum lasts the longest?

In my exerience, Trident, especially Trident Layers, last way longer than I need them to. 5 gum lasts a pretty long time, too. I've never tried ID gum, but that's supposed to last a long time, to... Read More »

Which lasts the longest duracell or energizer?