Which makeup foundation lasts longest?

Answer On One Hand: Cream Foundation Lasts LongestWomen apply makeup foundation as the base for other makeup items, such as blush, concealer, eye shadow and so on. According to, th... Read More »

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Which foundation gives the best coverage and lasts longest?

i love estee lauder double wear, and if you find that one 2 heavy theres now double wear light. it does last most of the day. good luck

Which type of gum lasts the longest?

In my exerience, Trident, especially Trident Layers, last way longer than I need them to. 5 gum lasts a pretty long time, too. I've never tried ID gum, but that's supposed to last a long time, to... Read More »

Which light bulb lasts the longest?

The fluorescent light bulb is the longest lasting light bulb. Though not as energy efficient as a low-watt halogen bulb, fluorescents, with life span of up to 10,000 hours, last more than three tim... Read More »

Which lasts the longest duracell or energizer?