Which liquid helps more plants to grow?

Answer for a science fair project we tested this and found that earl grey tea works the best.

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What is water made of that helps plants grow?

Answer: H2O, hydrogen and oxygen. Photosynthesis in plants combines hydrogen from water with carbon from CO2 (carbon dioxide) in the atmosphere to make carbohydrates, or simple sugars and starches.... Read More »

What helps chronic plants grow buds faster?

Which kind of compost helps Florida plants grow?

Florida's soil types range from loamy to sandy. Organic compost such as grass clippings, wood chips, peat moss and aged manure will enhance the soil's structure, aid in proper drainage and improve ... Read More »

What type of water helps plants grow faster?

On One Hand: Using Rain WaterRain water is very effective in accelerating plant growth for a number of reasons. First, rain water is arguably the purest form of water and is generally free of conta... Read More »