Which liquid freezes the quickest?

Answer This question depends on too many variables to answer definitively. Nearly any liquid under the right conditions can be made to freeze quicker than another. All things being equal, the answer is ba... Read More »

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What is the quickest way to crystallize a liquid?

You can't; juices inhibit the crystallization that you need to make the rock candy. If you want flavored rock candy you can use extracts, like vanilla, coconut etc.

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One of the important physical properties of a liquid is the temperature and the time it takes to freeze. These physical properties may change when other materials are dissolved in or mixed with liq... Read More »

Which freezes quicker: hot or cold water?

Cold water freezes faster than hot water. However, it is possible for hot water to freeze faster in certain circumstances. For example, if you had equal parts hot and cold water, the rate at which... Read More »

How to repair refrigerator which freezes food?