Which lighting source is the most efficient?

Answer On One Hand: Outdoor LightsThe most efficient lighting source for outdoor use is a low pressure sodium lamp. These lights are typically found in road lights and create between 183 and 200 lumens pe... Read More »

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What is the most efficient energy source?

The sun is the most efficient energy source we have available. While humans are still learning how best to convert solar energy into electricity, nothing on earth can rival the amount of energy tha... Read More »

Which clothes dryer is most energy efficient?

On One Hand: Most Efficient BrandAccording to the Consumer Energy Center, all clothes dryers have about the same level of energy efficiency because they all operate using the same mechanism. Energy... Read More »

Which printers have the best and most cost efficient ink cartridges?

First off, it depends on what you are printing and what quality it needs to be printed in. If you are printing nothing but black and white, a laser printer is still the best way to go, a toner cart... Read More »

Most Fuel Efficient Car - Which Of Today's Cars Give The Highest Gas Mileage?

1. Honda Insight (hybrid-electric, manual) @ 60 mpg / 66 mpg2. Toyota Prius (hybrid-electric) @ 60 mpg / 51 mpg3. Honda Civic Hybrid @ 49 mpg / 51 mpg4. Toyota Camry Hybrid @ 40 mpg / 38 mpg5. Ford... Read More »