Which lighting is best for outdoor photography?

Answer Depends on what you are shooting - most subjects will look best in natural light - a strobe unit can be used for macro shots.

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Can NM-B wiring be used for outdoor lighting?

NM-B sheathed cable is suitable only for indoor use in normally dry areas. For outdoor, exposed projects, use NMWU. NMWU is also suitable as an underground cable but not as service entrance cable.R... Read More »

What is an MV bulb used in outdoor lighting?

An MV bulb, or mercury vapor bulb, is a type of lamp typically used in outdoor and warehouse lighting. It creates light by running an electric current through a small amount of mercury vapor. This ... Read More »

How to Select Outdoor Lighting?

The outdoor lighting you choose may have more of an impact on the overall appearance of your home exterior than you might realize. The light emitted affects the look of your home at night, and the ... Read More »

How to Install Outdoor Lighting?

Outdoor lighting is a popular method of increasing front lawn security and establishing mood and atmosphere during the night. Outdoor lighting is most popular in suburban areas, as urban areas tend... Read More »