Which light bulb lasts the longest?

Answer The fluorescent light bulb is the longest lasting light bulb. Though not as energy efficient as a low-watt halogen bulb, fluorescents, with life span of up to 10,000 hours, last more than three tim... Read More »

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Longest light bulb that ever lasted(existed)..or never burned out?

The world's oldest light bulb (recognized by the Guinness Book of World Records, Ripley's and featured on Mythbusters on Discovery Channel) is 106 years old. It was turned off for a week long reno... Read More »

Which type of gum lasts the longest?

In my exerience, Trident, especially Trident Layers, last way longer than I need them to. 5 gum lasts a pretty long time, too. I've never tried ID gum, but that's supposed to last a long time, to... Read More »

Which lasts the longest duracell or energizer?

What lasts the longest LED, Plasma or LCD HDTV's?

LED is the newest technology, its the upgraded version of LCD. We just bought a LED 1080P 3D Sony Bravia last night. Looks really good