Which alcoholic beverage has the fewest calories?

Answer Vodka, rum, whiskey and tequila all share the distinction of having the fewest calories of any type of alcohol, with 65 calories per oz. So if you are looking for a figure-friendly cocktail, try mi... Read More »

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Which beer has the least calories?

The lowest calorie regular beer, as of 2010, is called LA Anheuser Busch Premium Pilsner Beer. It contains 26 calories per 100 ml. In light beer, most of which have under 40 calories per ml, Pabst ... Read More »

Which state has the fewest automobile accidents?

According to the 2007 National Highway Traffic Safety Administration data report, Vermont had the fewest automobile accidents, with only 66 fatal collisions. In 2008, however, Alaska had the fewest... Read More »

What makes light beer a light beer?

Fewer calories than regular beer. Many, but not all, lite beers have the same alcohol content as regular beer.

What is the closest beer from… to a light beer like miller lite?

Not really but if Rolling Rock is on the list go for it.