Which flower means love?

Answer In many countries, the red rose has come to symbolize romantic love. Other flowers that symbolize different forms of love include the white carnation, which represents innocent love; the red chrysa... Read More »

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Which si prefix means one million?

The SI prefix for one million is "mega-." The SI prefixes are attached to metric units to show scale and can be used with any unit. For example, a megameter equals 1 million meters and a megagram e... Read More »

What country uses the term scallion which means spring onions?

Jamaica uses the term scallions to describe spring onions.

How do i fix my pc, it beeps 3 times (long), which means that it's a memory/video problem. But how do i fix it?

if your motherboard has a jumper for your cmos settings. use the jumper to clear it. and hook up the monitor to the onboard video card slot.leave the other video card out of the the board.if you c... Read More »

Hi, I'm on Wafarin(an anti-coagulant) for life and have an alcohol problem which means I either miss or take?

Stop beating yourself up Elric and thinking negative thoughts. I don't know the answer but Momof3 will but you don't really need to know as whatever the answer you will worry about it!Ps Elric why... Read More »