Which lenders work with credit scores under 460?

Answer It is very hard to find a lender that will help you with a credit score of 460. However, they are out there. It will just take some work and perseverance on your part to find them.Home LoansThere u... Read More »

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How to Explain Why Credit Scores You Buy Are Different Than the Lenders?

Have you wondered "Why have my credit scores gone down since I last checked them even though I've made all my payments on time?"First you need to know that the only way your credit scores can go do... Read More »

What company do mortgage lenders pull credit scores from?

Mortgage lenders pull a tri-merge credit report on each borrower which lists all the information contained on three different credit bureau's reports: Equifax, Experian and TransUnion. The lender l... Read More »

Any private lenders that offer student loans to people with bad credit?

You will be able to get a loan if you have a credit worthy co-signer.

How to Improve Credit Scores With Credit Card Payoffs?

Your credit score continually changes, moving up or down based on how you handle your loans and accounts. Factors like on-time or delinquent payments, opening or closing accounts and paying down ba... Read More »