Which legal documents are discovery and which are pleadings?

Answer Civil lawsuits are prosecuted and defended with three main types of documents: pleadings, motions and discovery. Pleadings frame the basis for the claims and defenses, motions ask the court to make... Read More »

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2011 Land rover Discovery 4 XS vs 2007 Lexus rx400h, Which is better?

While the Lexus is a Hybrid the distance you get on electric is tiny.The Discovery is a nice car, I think it is better in diesel than the gas engine you get in the US. The fuel consumption is not g... Read More »

Is it legal for our condo board president order the property mgr to close a bank account on which the board treasurer had issued a cheque for payment which the president did not want paid?

The aggrieved party who may have a legal question is the payee named on the check. The conduct of the board -- by this example, carrying on a disagreement with counter-productive and rather public... Read More »

What Personal Documents Are Needed for Pretrial Discovery in a Divorce?

The legal process of going through a divorce can be long and confusing, especially for a person unfamiliar with the law. One of the most confusing aspects about the legal process of divorce is disc... Read More »

Which is NOT a part of the support documents contained in a requirements work package?