Which legal documents are discovery and which are pleadings?

Answer Civil lawsuits are prosecuted and defended with three main types of documents: pleadings, motions and discovery. Pleadings frame the basis for the claims and defenses, motions ask the court to make... Read More »

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What Personal Documents Are Needed for Pretrial Discovery in a Divorce?

The legal process of going through a divorce can be long and confusing, especially for a person unfamiliar with the law. One of the most confusing aspects about the legal process of divorce is disc... Read More »

Is it legal to publish legal documents on the Internet?

All legal documents are open for public viewing unless they are sealed closed by a judge. Therefore any legal documents that are obtained from a court may legally be posted on the Internet. Most co... Read More »

What does"et al"mean on legal documents?

The term "et al" is an abbreviation of the Latin phrase "et alii." In English, "et al" means "and others." Law firms use it for brevity in legal documents to indicate there are others involved who ... Read More »

What is the definition of legal documents?

Legal document is a term used to describe a broad range of documents that grant a right or affirm a contractual relationship.Media TypesLegal documents may be ink on paper or exist only in digital ... Read More »