Which leaves do silkworms eat?

Answer Silkworms, the larvae of silkmoths, prefer to eat white mulberry leaves, but will also eat other mulberry leaves and Osage orange leaves. The silkworms are drawn to the scent given off from the mu... Read More »

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Which flowering plant has no leaves?

Continuous Headache Which Never Leaves?

Well for quick recovery try not to think of stress and hard work try to hang out with freinds open your facebook account try to watch funny movies and eat healthy foods to keep your imune system st... Read More »

Which bear eats eucalyptus leaves?

The koala bear's diet consists mainly of eucalyptus leaves, of which it eats 12 different varieties. Although the animal is commonly referred to as a bear, the koala is actually a marsupial.Referen... Read More »

Which plant structure holds up the leaves?

The stem is the portion of the plant that provides support for leaves. Some plants have only a single stem from which leaves sprout, while other plants have many stems that support their leaves. Pl... Read More »