Which lcd tv is superior sharp or sony?

Answer The "best" television is impossible to answer. Both Sharp and Sony make fine televisions and both are worth considering. Always spend some time to experience televisions before buying and make sure... Read More »

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Trying to hook up sony dvd to sharp tv.?

If you have enough common sense to log into your computer and come here to ask a question how come you dont have enough common sense to answer this question yourself? Now if your confused because e... Read More »

What are the sharp tv codes for a sony VCR remote?

Who makes Vizio Sony LG Sharp Panasonic?

It's nice to know that some people still do their research even after they ask a question. Or before some people answer. Kudos!!

I am in search of a LCD screen for my Sony DCR TRV17 mini DV.It is a sharp product.Can someone help.?

I have a 30" LCD,Dell Monitor/TV. It has a large array of connectors of many types and I have a video recorder/player an X-Box my computer, and Stereo, PsP. With Cable TV, and a set of good set of... Read More »