Which last name should an unwed mother give her newborn child?

Answer An unwed mother has complete control over what to name the child. She should give the child her own last name since it is likely she will have complete responsibility for the child. If the parents ... Read More »

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If the fathers name was never on the birth certificate and he was in another state can the teenage unwed mother give the child her stepdads last name in Michigan?

No. If the Bio father doesn't file the name change with you, you will have to give information so that he can be notified. That would include his name and his current or last known address (if you ... Read More »

Can a mother give her child boyfriends last name even if he isn't the father?

What can you do to give your child your last name if the mother is married to someone else?

Absolutely nothing. You have no control whatsoever over naming the child. You have no parental rights unless you establish your paternity in court. Once established legally as the child's father yo... Read More »

Who's last name does a child take from unwed parents?

Whatever last name the mother chooses. Foe example, my parents are not married and my mom chose to give me my father's last name, (since SHE was the one who just gave birth the mom gets the ultimat... Read More »