Which laptop should I buy - Apple, Sony, HP, Dell, Toshiba?

Answer Apple Macbook Pro with 17 inch display.

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Again asking. Which laptop should I buy Sony or Toshiba or Dell.?

Simple answer:1. Sony2. Toshiba3. DellDetails:Sony - Haven't seen too many hardware issues with these. They are pretty reliable machines, but they aren't cheap.Toshiba - I've had one fail on me and... Read More »

Which is a better laptop brand :HP,Toshiba,dell,sony,compaq?

I love the Dell I have and it's pretty powerful, especially for running multiple programs and such. Look at their XPS laptop line. They're decently priced, as well.HP and Compaq are one in the same... Read More »

What is the best laptop between apple , sony and dell?

Dell They are the best laptops by far, better screens (tru-life) better graphics card (512mb 7900 GTX) and fully upgradeable (cpu, hd, graphics card, screens)... I just upgraded the graphics card o... Read More »

I'm thinking of buying laptop which one should i settle for an apple, sony, hp or dell?

Personally, I prefer Apple. I've never really cared for Dell laptops. They tend to have flimsy keyboards. I abhor Sony and their business practices. They are more interested in locking their custom... Read More »