Which laptop has the longest battery life?

Answer On One Hand: New Laptops Have Long Battery LifeIf you buy a new laptop computer, a variety of models and manufacturers feature long battery life. Look for battery life as a selling point for the la... Read More »

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What laptop has the longest battery life...?

Thinkpads have the best battery life. If you buy an extended battery + ultrabay battery and run both at the same time, you can get up to 12 hours runtime, with wifi on.Check http://www.fastbatts.c... Read More »

My laptop battery won't show on screen what it really is, how do I make it show the real battery life?

First make sure your battery is fine,then to calibrate the battery in bios.The problem still is not resolved.Your battery is broken.So you need to change a new one.

How do I know if my laptop has long battery life?

Put the laptop in a microwave. If theres sparks and your laptop blows up: you know the battery works (or did work....)

What is the Average Life of a Laptop Battery?

The average life of a laptop battery ranges from three to four hours for most laptop models. This varies depending on the number of battery cells that the laptop battery has.Source: http://www.micr... Read More »